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The Jaguar E-Pace has barrel rolled into Guinness record books

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More than 25 months of testing across the world’s most harsh environments, and it ends with a jump of religion thru the air. ladies and gents, the brand new, not-electric child Jaguar SUV has just set a Guinness international record for the furthest barrel roll in a manufacturing car.

That’s right, all those words came about. SUV. BARREL ROLL. world report. At London’s ExCel centre, stunt motive force Terry furnish swallowed as many brave tablets as humanly feasible, gunned the throttle on Jaguar’s bright new E-tempo baby SUV, and took a one hundred sixty-metre run as much as the hit the air at velocity.

The end result? He managed a bona fide 270-diploma barrel roll 15.3 metres via the air, touchdown cleanly on all four wheels, no question breathing a massive, large sigh of remedy right away after. Props to each person who examine that sentence at the same time as buzzing a ‘slide whistle’ à l. a. the man with the Golden Gun.

“As a long way as i am conscious, no production automobile has ever cleanly finished a bona-fide barrel roll, and consequently it has constantly been an ambition of mine to carry out one ever considering that i was a boy,” furnish defined after the jump. without a doubt, the person’s were given 21 Guinness international facts to his call.
furnish became subjected to five.5g of force. That’s a whole lot of g, so months of CAD modelling and checking out and analysis made certain he didn’t emerge as in a crumpled heap.

“whilst I’ve visible the barrel roll stunt in movie,” Guinness global data adjudicator Pravin Patel later remarked, “witnessing this extraordinary feat in real lifestyles became some thing quite unique.”

tiimag feidat

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