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Earn a Part time income by Insvesting into

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Zerodha the Best Stock Broker in India

What is the best stock broker in India?There are plenty of stock brokers in the country, but one of the most popular among traders is Zerodha. Professional trader NitinKamath launched Zerodha in 2010. One of the best things about Zerodha is that regardless of the trade turnover amount, trade frequency or trade volume, the lowest brokerage costs Rs 0 and the maximum brokerage for every transaction is Rs 20. They can provide broking service in equities, stocks and index derivatives, currency derivatives and mutual funds.

Brokerage Charges If you are looking for the cheapest stock broker in the online stock market, you’ll be glad to know that Zerodha doesn’t charge brokerage fees on delivery based trades. If you purchase a stock today and decide to sell it later or the next day, you won’t pay any brokerage fee. For other trades such as currency derivatives, stocks, and index derivatives or futures and options, commodities and intraday stocks, the brokerage fee is 0.01 percent of total trade turnover or less than Rs 20, so you won’t pay more than Rs 20 for your trades. This only means that you can save on every transaction you make.

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best stock broker

Trading Platform: Zerodha also offers an excellent trading platform. When they were just starting, Zerodha allowed customers to access Now Online, an online trading platform from National Stock Exchange (NSE) available to NSE-registered brokers. As they gained more customers, Zerodha invested in developing their own desktop trading software, native smartphone apps and trading website for trading online. Customers are given free access to these tools to make trading simpler for them.

  • Kite – Kite is Zerodha’s HTML 5 based-trading website that is compatible with various browsers such as firefox and Chrome on desktops, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The site functions well even when the internet connection is slow. It’s capable of charting with more than 100 indicators and six types of charts to simplify trading. The site also offers universal search, widgets, market-watchand market depth as well as a Chrome extension that gives you an option to sell or buy stocks from popular sites such as Google Finance and Yahoo Finance, allowing you to trade directly from these websites. Kite also supports 10 local languages of India including Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil , Kannada , Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam.


  • Smartphone Apps – Zerodha developed iOS and Android apps to let you trade while on the move. The apps are also called Kite and can be downloaded from iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


  • PI – PI is the desktop trading platform offered by Zerodha. It boasts sophisticated features such as alerts, real-time stock price tickers, advanced charting, signals, and backtesting. The platform’s Bridge technology allows customers to automate their trading tactics with third party platforms like AmiBrokerand Ninja Trader. Zerodha has 10 different chart types, more than 30 drawing tools, and 80 in-built technical indicators, allowing traders to execute directly from the chart with one click.



If you are looking for a discount broker or reliable online stock broker India, you should consider creating an account with Zerodha due to their excellent customer support and low brokerage. Zerodha’s sophisticated software and tools also allow you to make the most of trading stocks India. It’s the best stock broker for beginners.

Best stock broker


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