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Reliance Jio’s new prepaid, postpaid plans: 84GB data at Rs 399 and more

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Reliance Jio ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ plans just got upgraded for prepaid and postpaid customers with new packs beginning at Rs 349, Rs 399 offering an extended validity length in addition to greater loose 4G facts. So what are Reliance Jio’s new plans underneath the Dhan Dhana Dhan scheme? here’s a short appearance.

Reliance Jio pay as you go plans: Rs 349, Rs 399

Reliance jio tiimag.com
Reliance Jio’s pay as you go phase sees the addition of new plans. The Rs 349 recharge will fetch 20 GB of 4G facts, and the validity is fifty six days. there may be no daily cap on information speeds with this plan, despite the fact that after you exhaust 20 GB, then the rate falls to 128 kbps. Then there’s a brand new Rs 399 plan, that is precisely the same as the sooner Rs 309 plan. The validity on this is 84 days and will provide you with 1 GB of records according to day, which comes to eighty four GB for the complete duration. but, this plan comes with a daily 1 GB FUP so maintain that in thoughts. All voice calls, SMS remain free.

The Rs 309 plan continues to be being presented with 1 GB records per month, but the validity is now fifty six days, and the day by day FUP continues to be 1 GB in line with day. so you’re getting 56 GB of records on this plan. The Rs 509 plan additionally comes with fifty six day validity, which essentially doubles the records to 112 GB.
The Rs 999 plan now has a 90 day validity, while the Rs 1999 plan has a hundred and twenty day validity, the Rs 4999 plan gets 210 day validity, and Rs 9999 plan receives 390 days of validity, that’s extra than a year. records on those plans is now ninety GB, one hundred fifty five GB, 380 GB and 780 GB respectively. Reliance Jio has stored the other plans as the identical, except the first recharge advantage which prolonged validity and statistics offering is now removed.
The Rs 309 plan is still being provided with 1GB records per month, but the validity is now fifty six days and the each day FUP continues to be 1GB per day.

Relaince Jio postpaid plans at Rs 349, Rs 399
Reliance Jio has additionally introduced new plans within the postpaid scheme as properly. these additionally start at Rs 349 and Rs 399. the first plan at Rs 349 comes with months validity, 20 GB facts. the second one, which is Rs 399 gives 1GB in step with day with three months validity, which comes to a total of ninety GB for the entire period.
Reliance Jio’s Rs 309, Rs 509 and Rs 999 plan all now have a validity of two months, because of this the records is doubled. So inside the Rs 309 plan you’re getting 60 GB records, Rs 509 plan is giving 120 GB records, whilst the Rs 999 will give 90 GB facts.

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